The Cat and the Christmas Tree – Survival Methods (for the tree)

The Cat and the Christmas Tree write funny stories year after year, and survival methods for the tree are quite limited if there are cats around.

With the arrival of the cold, we think about the winter holidays and, implicitly, about decorating the Christmas tree. When we have one or more cats in the house, we have to think twice about whether or not we want to have a Christmas tree. The cat and the Christmas tree are known to have a very special relationship.

It is known that one of the characteristics of cats is curiosity. Combined with their playful nature, the Christmas tree becomes a perfect subject for felines to explore and "redecorate". Yes Yes. Cats are talented "redecorators".

If we see the tree as an ornament during the holidays, many cats see it as a real "Disneyland". Twigs are only good for climbing, tinsel is great for stringing around the house, and globes become play balls. Fortunately, there are also cats who are indifferent to the Christmas tree and its decorations, but these are rare cases.

How do we choose the Christmas tree if we have a cat in the house?

If we do not have the possibility to install the Christmas tree in a place where the cat does not have access, then we have to consider a few aspects. First of all, we must keep in mind that there are cats that, in addition to playing with ornaments, can swallow the sharp needles of the tree. These are not only toxic, but can also cause serious intestinal problems if ingested by the cat. It is preferable to use an artificial or a small natural tree.

Smaller firs have been shown to have a better chance of survival in mating with a feline. To be honest, even the painting with a 40 cm upside down Christmas tree would look better than a 180 cm one. 🙃 The Cat and the Christmas Tree could be a story with a happy ending.

How should we secure the Christmas tree in the presence of the cat? The Cat and the Christmas Tree.

First, before adding ornaments, you need to find a place for the tree as far away from the furniture as possible. Of course, but it should not be tempting for the cat to jump directly from the table, dresser or sofa to the top of the tree. Also set a buffer radius so that if the tree falls, it doesn't damage anything. You never know.

Cute pictures of cats and the Christmas tree
Cute pictures of cats and the Christmas tree

Fix the Christmas tree very well in the support, and if you can, you can make a three-point aerial anchor. Thus, you will be sure that it will not "leave" even if the cat reaches between the globules.

If the cat is tempted to dig its claws into the trunk of the tree or pull/climb the branches, you can use a repellant spray. These have a smell that cats don't like and will keep them away.

After you have installed the tree, it is recommended not to start decorating right away. Let the cat satisfy its curiosity, smell it and get used to it.

Most cat owners say they decorate the tree away from feline prying eyes to avoid accidents. The cat wouldn't be able to sit still and watch you grab the sticks and put the tinsel on. They would certainly like to give you "a helping hand". It is better to see the tree decorated after you have completed this action.

Avoid putting small baubles and tinsel on the bottom of the Christmas tree as much as possible. It would be ideal to use plastic globules instead of glass ones. It would be unpleasant to step on the shards or for the cat to injure itself with them.

The Cat and the Christmas Tree - Survival Methods (for the tree)
The Cat and the Christmas Tree – Survival Methods (for the tree)

Be very careful when installing the Christmas tree. Cats are attracted to all things bright and shiny. There are cases where cats tear down Christmas tree installations, gnaw cables or simply swallow small sticks. You can use thread repellants or, more simply, you can smear the thread of the installation with a little toothpaste. Another idea is to put oranges, lemons or tangerines at the base of the Christmas tree. Cats can't stand pungent smells, including citrus.

Of course, for your peace of mind, none of the above methods guarantee that your Christmas tree will be intact at the end of the winter holidays. However, you can hope 😊

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