How do you keep the cat away from the Christmas tree?

The cat and the Christmas tree write some of the most beautiful and funny stories. How do you keep the cat away from the Christmas tree is a question on the lips of many cat owners who are thinking of decorating the tree in a room where the cat has access. Especially that O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, Your ornaments are history is the favorite carol of many house cats. To climb among the branches of the fir tree, to play with balls and tinsel, is the delight of cats. Fir installations are not exempt either.

If you do not want to decorate the Christmas tree hanging from the ceiling upside down or put it in a cage, then you have to consider some very important aspects. You have to take into account both the cat's temperament and your psyche. With how much peace of mind you will look at the tree smashed in the middle of the house, with broken baubles, tinsel strung around all corners of the room and a cat full of sparkles from stars and other ornaments.

Just like people, cats have different characters and personalities. They are very playful and curious cats, and others are more lazy that do not give much importance to new things that appear around them, and their appetite for play is not very high either. A cat that outlives the flowers in the house, the curtains or the drapes, may also outlive the Christmas tree.

How do you keep the cat away from the Christmas tree?
How do you keep the cat away from the Christmas tree?

I have seen many "specialists", cat psychologists, who give all kinds of advice on how to get the cat used to the Christmas tree. As if the cat is an object that follows a standard and they all have the same personality characteristics. If a cat is more confused by nature and you scold her when she tries to get to the tree, she will most likely be fine while in your presence. Leave her alone at home with the tree and after two or three hours, you will find a passed out tree. No, not because of the cat you "used" to the tree after helpful tips. The tree had a low blood sugar and could not stand up on its own. The cat tried to help him, but… Take a deep breath, think that nothing spectacular happened, then proceed to the resuscitation of the tree.

However, there are also some methods by which you can get used to and keep the cat away from the Christmas tree, but this will not guarantee that if you leave her alone with the tree, she will not want to show that she is the real star on the top of the tree.

How do you keep the cat away from the Christmas tree? The cat and the Christmas tree.

If you want the cat and the Christmas tree to have a harmonious relationship and the tree to escape without being destroyed, you need to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree, and the tips below will definitely help you.

Choose a small tree

The cat will be less tempted to climb a 40 cm tree than a 180 cm one. And the emotional impact will be directly proportional to the height of the tree slammed in the middle of the house.
Ah, before you decide on the final position of the tree, it's good to do a little risk assessment and calculate the radius (circle) in which the tree could fall. Preferably no TV or other important objects in that range. It would be a "plus damage".

Get the cat used to the decorative elements of the tree

Whether it's a natural tree or an artificial tree out of the box, let the cat inspect the tree before you put up the decorations. Curious by nature, the cat will want to know who the new arrival in her space is. To smell it, to escalate it and be careful not to want to "taste" it. There are cats that arrive at veterinary offices with serious problems because they ate the fir tree, be it artificial or natural.

After the first inspection has taken place, leave the cat in the space where you decorate the Christmas tree. He'll want to see each ornament, smell it and see if it's playable. In this way, you will appease his curiosity and, in addition, you will be able to get an idea of ​​whether or not the tree ornaments have a chance in the presence of the cat. If his eyes widen at the sight of the tin and they shine more like the installation... Good luck!

Cat in the Christmas tree
Cat in the Christmas tree

It is very important to let the cat inspect the installation before plugging it in. There are many cats for whom the conductor wire of the installation is a treat that is only good to gnaw. It is recommended not to leave the installation on when the cat is alone with the tree. It really is highly recommended to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree when you are not around and the tree installation is plugged in.

To avoid injury to you and/or the cat, it is recommended to use plastic balls. The shards bring happiness only when you don't step on them or the cat swallows them.

After you have finished decorating the tree, let the cat satisfy its curiosity. Let her approach the tree, play with tinsel, baubles and other ornaments. It's better for her to do this when you're around than when she's alone, and she can explore more than you can imagine.

Make sure you anchor the Christmas tree well

Even if the cat shows no signs of being tempted to climb the Christmas tree, remember that they are felines and often unpredictable. Try to figure out if the simple stand would be able to support the tree and the cat.

Repellents can keep the cat away from the Christmas tree

Repellent sprays bought from the vet or pet shop are said to keep cats away. To be honest, it didn't really work with my cats. That smell kept me at bay rather than the cat.

The citrus scent is very effective instead. Cats have a very fine sense of smell, which is why they can't stand pungent smells. The smell of spirits and citrus. You won't be able to give the tree a drink, but you can leave fresh orange peels around the areas where it could be "attacked" by the cat. It works.

That would be my advice on how to keep the cat away from the Christmas tree. Tips from experience, but if you know other methods, the comment section is open.

Peaceful holidays with dear souls!

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