How long can we leave the cat alone at home? Are you going on vacation?

This is a question that is on the lips of all cat owners, before they go on holidays or vacations. "How long can we leave the cat alone at home?“.

If I had written the article before the beginning of this year, I would have said that there is no problem if the cat stays home alone even for 5-6 nights. Be plenty of food and water and a lot of sand in the litter box. Preferably, quality sand to neutralize unpleasant odors. I experienced this and it didn't seem to be a problem after two cats they stayed home alone for 5-6 nights. It is out of the question to do this again and to leave them alone for more than two nights, under the conditions that no one would pass by them.

What should you consider before leaving your cat alone at home?

How long can we leave the cat alone at home? If we have the courage to leave the cat alone for 2-3 days, there are a few things to consider.

The cat must have food and water at its discretion

Dry food (grains) left in large bowls and double the amount they would normally need for the time you are gone. We have noticed that our cats eat a lot more food when they are left alone. Most likely due to stress or it may be an instinct that is activated in cats left alone. An instinct that tells them that they must feed on everything they come across. They don't really have the notion of "leave it, I'll keep food for later". Do not leave meat, sausages, canned goods or any other food that could spoil.

Water is good to be put in at least two large pots, like a basin or bowl. The larger the volume of water, the longer it will stay fresh and oxygenated. Containers with water should be left in different places and protected from sunlight. You have to take into account that the cat can knock over a play bowl or dive into it and fill it with impurities. That's why we say it's good to have at least two bowls of water.

It is not recommended to use a dispenser (automatic cat feeding machines). A breakdown or power outage would leave the cat without food.

Do you leave the cat alone at home? Secure the perimeter where it will remain

Don't be under the illusion that the cat alone at home will be fine and sleep all day. Cats are playful, curious and unpredictable. The saying "curiosity killed the cat" did not appear out of nowhere. Before you go out the door, make sure you are at least within the cat's perimeter do not leave any outlet open, an extension cord or an exposed power cord. If your cat hasn't chewed cables before, it's no guarantee that he won't one day.

Do not leave the cat's windows open, not even on the flap. I have heard of many unfortunate experiences when the cat at home alone became trapped without escape in the angle of the window. A cat How long can we leave the cat alone at home? Are you going on vacation? caught in the flap of the window will be like a pair of scissors from which, the more she tries to struggle to escape, the more she will suffer.

If you plan to leave them the food in the bags, cut the torts. They can get caught in them while playing and strangle or seriously injure themselves. Likewise, don't let the cat toys with strings or ribbons in which he can be caught playing.

Close water and gas if there are stoves and/or sinks in the perimeter of the cat. There are few chances that the cat will be able to open a stove, but you should not underestimate them. As for the sink, some models only open if the cat caresses the water closing/opening system.

Leave them to your cat places where they can hide, but don't give him access to dresser drawers or chests of drawers, places where he could get caught and hurt.

Pay attention to objects within your cat's range

Even if in the presence of their owners, most of the time cats are real angels, things can be completely different when they are left alone. If you don't plan to change your TV, make sure it's anchored well and can handle shocks without "fainting". Also valid for pots, lamps or other decorative items.

If you don't want to find vertical blinds instead of curtains and drapes, it's best to keep them out of the cat's range. Even if she hasn't had a problem with them so far, staying home alone, the cat can dream of Disneyland. Trim your cat's claws before you leave home. The sofa and office chair could escape alive.

Leave a reliable perosoana to visit the cat at least once a day

I'm not a fan of cat hotels. Taken out of her environment, the cat will certainly suffer more trauma than if she were left alone in the house where she has her scent spread everywhere. Smell imperceptible to us humans. It is highly recommended that someone walk by the cat daily. A trusted relative, neighbor, friend or pet sitter. They are services offered by people who, for a fee, I can visit the cat every day. I do not recommend leaving the cat alone in the house for more than two nights.

Even though it is said that the cat is not as attached to the owner as the dog, I am not so sure. And I say this from experience with our cats. The cat suffers from lack of owner or interaction with other people. Just like people, cats have different temperaments, perceptions and expressions of feelings.

There are sociable cats and some less sociable cats. There are cats that are visibly attached to their owner, there are cats that immediately attach to anyone who enters the house and gives them attention. Or food. There are cats who, although they do not prefer to be petted and held all the time, suffer when they are left alone in the house.

Our experience, with our cats – The unpredictable and the inevitable

We have a cat for several years (Soricel, 10 years old (2019), female), who, when he sees us preparing the trolley and the luggage, falls into a visible depression and doesn't even notice us until we go out the door. He associated the presence of the troller and luggage with loneliness for the next period of time. I tried to make his loneliness easier and every time we leave I leave him places where he can sit comfortably and the t-shirt I wore on the day of departure. She is a very obedient and loving cat, but not the type to not let you breathe. The exception is when her tummy asks for something good to eat. Otherwise, it's like "let me leave you", without refusing the "massage" on the belly and being caressed.

She waits for us every time we return home, with many "stories" spoken out loud and with the desire to be caressed and paid attention to. I said that if there are two cats, things will be different. They'll both be fine and won't miss us as much. Fake.

Three years ago, in the summer of 2016, Puff appeared. A kitten that quickly managed to get "under the skin" of Șoricel and ours. Her play partner. She was the new family member, my friend and office colleague. I couldn't move around the house without him following me or at least glancing at me. Attentive to everything I do and very energetic. As all young cats are, eager to play and explore.

At the end of last year, I left them alone at home for a few days. During the whole period, they were visited by a close person, at least once every two days. On December 31st, Puff was energetic and ready to play. On the morning of January 2nd...Puff was found taking her last breaths in the box she loved to sleep in. No signs of injury, no violence, nothing to herald this moment. He seemed to be sleeping. A young kitten, only 2 1/2 years old, energetic and with no visible signs of medical problems.

Unfortunately, we were not with her and we will never know for sure what happened. "Why?", "How?", remain unanswered questions. "I wasn't with her", a permanent regret and the inability to fix something. Vets said depression or a heart problem most likely led to this outcome.

How long can we leave the cat alone at home? Are you going on vacation?
How long can we leave the cat alone at home? Are you going on vacation?

Leaving the tragedy aside, after I recovered from the shock, I couldn't help but ask myself the question... "If this misfortune happened last summer, when they stayed for 5 days without anyone passing by?". You yourself realize what the consequences would have been. Heat and a body without a soul, left for several days in a closed space, is not the happiest landscape, nor the most pleasant smell. The neighbors probably broke down the door.

So, before you say that you have the courage (as I did) to leave your cat home alone for several days without anyone passing by, consider that unpredictability is a part of life for any being.

Iubesc toate animalele, însă nu-mi pot ascunde slăbiciunea pentru pisici. este un proiect de suflet pe care vreau să împart experientele mele cu alți iubitori de feline. Nu sunt medic veterinar, așadar, articolele mele nu reprezintă un punct de vedere specializat.

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