You can communicate with your cat with your eyes - Blinking the eyes of the cat

Cat winking is a known language, but it was only in 2020 that it was scientifically proven. A lot of people already knew this cat language. The fact that you can communicate with your cat with your eyes is not news to some cat owners.

Scientists have confirmed that it is possible to communicate with cats "through smiles". Not a smile where you leave your lips and show your teeth, but a "smile" of your eyes.

In a 2020 study, scientists observed that cats react positively when we narrow our eyes or blink slightly. This behavior can also be observed in cats who are in good health and are calm, both when they look at people who inspire them with confidence, and when they want to get a pet.

If you've spent any time around cats, you've probably noticed the facial expression of partially closed eyes followed by a slow blink. This behavior is similar to that of humans when they smile or are content with their eyes partially closed.

Blinking of the eyes in the cat
Blinking of the eyes in the cat

Try keeping your eyes partially closed and winking at the cat. You will notice that her state will be one of safety and tranquility.

Also, when you stare at a cat with wide eyes, for her this is a sign of threat. It is the look that cats have when they are fixing their prey and they understand it very well when they are being looked at.

In conclusion, the blinking of the eyes of the cat is a language that we can decipher very easily. This behavior is specific to all cats, both street and domestic.

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