Is air conditioning dangerous for cats?

A useful article for those who have cats in the house or apartment and can hardly cope with the hot summer days. Is air conditioning dangerous for cats?

Cats are known to be heat-loving and do not refuse to lie down and sleep in places touched by the sun's rays. However, this does not mean that they cannot suffer from high temperatures.

The optimal ambient temperature and humidity for a cat is similar to that of a human. The problem is that in high temperatures, cats will suffer much more than humans. Compared to us, cats don't sweat, so they can't regulate their body temperature. A cat kept in a high temperature environment will show signs of stress, agitation, refuse to eat, will not be in the mood to play, and can even go into heat shock, which can be fatal.

On hot summer days, the apartment cat will look for the coolest places in the house. She will choose to lie on the tiles, in the bathtub, against cold walls or in other places where the temperature is lower. Others have no problem lying in front of a fan or air conditioner.

It is not necessary (nor advisable) to put ice cubes on the cat or put it in the refrigerator.

"Cats and air conditioning" is a subject on which opinions are divided. Many say that air conditioning can be dangerous and make the cat sick. Many say it's no problem and their cats "pose" in front of the air conditioner when it's on.

Is air conditioning dangerous for cats?
Is air conditioning dangerous for cats?

Air conditioning is just as dangerous to cats as it is to us humans if it is not used properly.

Is air conditioning dangerous for cats?

Here's what we have to do so that the air conditioning does not affect the apartment cats:

1. First, don't let the cold air stream blow directly at the cat. Conjunctivitis, arthrosis, nasal irritation or other conditions caused by direct exposure to a stream of cold air may occur.

2. Do not set the air temperature very low. The optimal recommended temperature for both cats and humans is 24-25 degrees on hot summer days. Consider the fact that the temperature in the room at the level of the human body is higher than that of the floor, where the cats sit.

3. The air conditioner must be sanitized periodically. Bacteria, fungi and pollen particles can be dispersed into the room when the air flow is turned on.

In conclusion, it is even advisable to use air conditioning to ensure an optimal temperature for your cat, especially on hot summer days, when the temperature in the house can reach 30 degrees Celsius. Provided you take into account all the protective measures that apply to humans as well.

Cat haircut it is a very effective way to make it feel less hot on hot summer days.

I have seen on many "specialty" sites that it is recommended to set the air conditioner to a temperature no more than 3-4 degrees below the outside temperature. Well... if it's 39 degrees outside, I'm going to set the AC in the house to 35 degrees Celsius?!

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