How to protect your cat from the heat on hot days

We all know that cats are heat lovers and do not hesitate to sleep next to heating sources in the winter, even if the temperatures are very high for us in those places. However, the cat can suffer a lot from high temperatures and it is very important to know how to protect the cat from the heat on summer days.

Summer, with its sunny days and high temperatures, brings a special joy, but it can also be a challenge for all members of our family, including the smallest and fluffiest of them - the apartment cats. In the midst of the sweltering heat, these adorable creatures can suffer more than we can imagine. Even though they are used to the comforts of our home, cats need attention and precautions to help them stay cool and healthy during the hot summer. So, before you sit in the shade and enjoy a cold lemonade, let's see how we can protect our beloved kitties from excessive heat and provide them with optimal comfort in the hot season.

How to protect your cat from the heat on hot summer days

Apartment cats can suffer from excessive heat on hot summer days. They are more sensitive to high temperatures than humans because they have a limited ability to sweat and cool themselves less efficiently. This can lead to overheating and serious health problems. It is highly advisable to take all measures to protect the cat from the heat during the hot summer days.

1. Provide your cat with cool, fresh water.

Regularly check the water level and refill the container, as cats need constant hydration during the heat. Change the water in the containers at least 2-3 times a day. Cats do not like heated water, nor does it help them cool down effectively on hot summer days.

A simple way to keep the water cool is to add a few ice cubes to your cat's water bowl. The ice will help keep the temperature down and will be a nice incentive for her to drink water. However, it is not advisable to overdo this method. Just like humans, a cat's throat can become inflamed from excess cold water.

In addition, supplement dry food with wet food with high moisture content.

2. Cool spaces to protect the cat from the heat

To protect the cat from the heat on hot days, it is important that it has cool places in the house. You can use fans or air conditioning to keep the indoor temperature comfortable. In addition, you can put a wet towel or a cool blanket in a shady place where the cat can spend time.

How to protect your cat from the heat on hot days
How to protect your cat from the heat on hot days

It is not a surprise if you will see the cat lying on the cold tiles, on the cement or even in the bathtub.

You will find it in pet shops special cooling mats. Most cooling mats are made of a gel capable of maintaining a cool temperature when placed in the shade.

3. Do not carry the cat in the sun.

If you have to travel with the cat, make sure that it is not exposed to the burning sun or high temperatures in the car. It is recommended to turn on the air conditioning in the car before bringing the cat.

Signs of overheating in cats

In severe cases of overheating, the cat may experience tremors or convulsions. These are an emergency signal and you should consult a veterinarian immediately.

Signs of overheating are also: lethargy, heavy and jerky breathing, lack of appetite and the desire to play.

If you notice any of these signs in your cat during the heat wave, it's important to take immediate steps to protect your cat from the heat. Bring her to a cool environment and give her fresh water.

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