How it changes your life and what are the benefits of living with a cat

Benefits almost always come with a set of obligations and responsibilities. That's what happens when we we decide to adopt a cat and share our lives with her. But you don't have to panic. The benefits of living with a cat are many and unsuspected.

How it changes your life and what are the benefits of living with a cat

Many of us melt when we see a kitten and we want to adopt, but not all of us know that the adoption of a kitten is for life, not just to satisfy a desire or momentary pleasure.

When we choose to share our life and home with a cat, we must be aware that we will no longer be our own bosses. Cats are independent beings, intelligent and with a very strong personality, so it's like living with another person, only that our "person" is fluffy, cuddly and communicates with us through,,miau". Like us, a cat comes with needs, habits, health problems, and different behavioral stages depending on age and breed.

Obligations and things to be aware of when you have a cat

Our normal life changes from the first day the fluff joins us.

The wide open window should remain closed or, if you still insist on opening it, attach metal nets, because ordinary mosquito nets can easily get through.

Rearranging the home and/or changing the furniture, setting up a personal space for the kitten where it has a play set, sleeping bed, toys, food and water dishes and, of course, in a corner, the litter box. Sisal is not to be ignored either. The device for your kitty to sharpen her claws will keep her away from the temptation to do so on the corners of the sofa, armchair or carpet.

Keep fragile things away from the kitty, small things like: hair bands, papers, pens, needles, fringes, blunt objects that could hurt themselves, marbles, tinsel, etc., are locked in drawers because they could swallow something that would cause serious problems of health, in principle of the intestine.

A well-established plan of food and litter in the litter box when you leave for more than 8 hours; between us, no one likes to go hungry and alone for too long.

The things you care about the most will also be your kitty's favorites yours, so don't get mad at her or scold her if she prefers to sit on them more or play with them, because that's how she thinks she can be closer to you.

The cat also has its food cravings, so don't force her to eat something she doesn't like, and don't starve her under any circumstances; run to the pet shop and change his menu.

A very important thing to know is that cats go into heat, so when you adopt a cat, when it is 6-7 months old, take it to the vet and sterilize it, so you don't have problems later. A motan indoors and in heat will make a lot of noise, urinate in corners and might even be a little aggressive. Little girls are a little better, they just meow and play around the corners. For both sexes, sterilization is the best solution, both for them and for you.

If you go on leave or vacation, make sure you have a nanny for your toddler, preferably a nanny they already know and tolerate. We never know what can happen while we are away from home, and tragedies and the inevitable are part of life. "I'm going on holiday - How long can we leave the cat alone at home?” will go a long way in understanding your obligations and risks. However, as I said before, the benefits of living with a cat are huge compared to the risks.

No matter how much you sweep and vacuum, the cat hair will still be there; do not despair and make sure that your cat has adequate hygiene, including daily brushing even if not everyone likes it, and during the summer it is also recommended to trim. We have an article from which you can better understand the advantages of clipping your cat.

If before you didn't worry when you heard a sound in the house and blamed it on the neighbors, now go and make sure your fluff is safe.

The benefits of adopting and living with a cat

The first and most important are: calmness, patience, love, loyalty. You become more responsible, caring, empathetic and gain more confidence in yourself.

How it changes your life and what are the benefits of living with a cat
How it changes your life and what are the benefits of living with a cat

Studies have shown that cat owners have a 30% lower risk of heart attack and stroke. It lowers stress and anxiety levels, is a good therapist for the soul, helps normalize the pulse and can help lower cholesterol.

Cat owners are less prone to depression. Cats can be therapeutic in difficult situations for humans, such as the loss of a loved one. It has been shown that cat owners get over the loss more quickly.

Many cat owners have claimed that their cat exudes positive energy and restores their emotional balance. Therefore, we can believe the doctors when they say that the cat can get rid of headaches, regulate blood pressure and normalize sleep. Psychologists say that the cat, in the case of a heated discussion in the family, will always be on the side of the one who is right.

Many owners of furs admit that the cat protects their home and implicitly them from evil spirits. We're not saying it's true, but it gives us a weird feeling when the cat keeps staring at something only it can see.

The cat's torso has a frequency between 25 and 150 hertz, and this feline characteristic helps restore bone density, energy levels, increases the body's resistance to disease, and treats insomnia. It's clearly one of the benefits of living with a cat.

Many people fear the presence of cats around small children. It is a big mistake. The child will grow up more beautiful, happy, responsible and kind in the presence of a cat and the risk of developing allergies decreases.

Some experts say that felines can sense earthquakes through their pads, so if we see more strange behavior, we can think that it is signaling us of future danger. It is very true that their sensors can sense very weak vibrations, imperceptible to humans, but from experience we tell you that there is also the possibility that the cat sleeps away during an earthquake.

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