How do we get rid of fleas on kittens?

If in adult cats it is easy and there are many solutions to get rid of fleas on kittens, it is a little more delicate and requires attention or travel to a veterinary office.

When I look at the first pictures from the day I brought Buffy into the house… I get the itch. I have never seen so many fleas on a kitten. And top quality fleas. Grafted. I expected something like that, especially since I found it thrown in the garden in front of the block, next to a bag from which it had managed to escape. Her siblings were not so lucky. I was also aware that once brought into the house, the fleas will be at the peak of happiness when they meet the Shrew. About 5 kg cat, fat, well maintained... only good to pinch.

Because in addition to the flea colony it was also extremely dirty, Buffy ended up directly in the bathroom sink. Fortunately for me, I also happened to have a special cat shampoo on hand. That's how I solved the problem of the "smell" that came with the package. Less the flea problem.

If you take a cat from the street or some fleas managed to "like" your cat in the apartment, know that washing the cat is not a solution for removing fleas. These lives are very hardy and do quite well in the water. You will bathe him for nothing, if the cat is clean. Moreover, if you wash a cat that has fleas, you will notice that they start to get very agitated and bite her worse. Probably their self-preservation instinct tells them to suck more blood when they are in danger.

How do we get rid of fleas on kittens?
This is what it looked like before we got rid of the fleas on the kittens

In addition, you will also need to remove them from you and start hunting for them throughout the house.

How do we get rid of fleas on kittens?

The best deworming of kittens is done at the veterinary office or at home with solutions indicated by the doctor. There are special sprays and powders, but you have to be very careful how you apply them. In the case of spray deworming, they almost all have a pungent smell. You must protect the head area and do not spray them in the eyes, mouth or ears.

Powders are somewhat safer and seem to have a faster effect. They can be applied to the entire surface of the kitten, except for the mouth area.

I chose a risky method that I do not recommend, even if the effect is fast and safe. Because once Buffy arrived in the house with her arsenal of fleas, Soricel had no chance of being protected, I took a dose of Stronghold for mature cats (2.5 - 5 kg). I wormed Soricel according to the application instructions which I knew very well because I've been using Stronghold for years, and I saved a drop from the pipette for Buffy.

A DROP, no more. And the drop applied not as it is normally done, directly under the hairs on the nape of the neck, but applied from a few inches, to be sure that I will not miss more than a drop.

After about two hours the fleas started to fall dead/dried off her. Fortunately, Buffy had no adverse reactions. Stronghold contains very strong toxic substances that can be fatal to a kitten or cause irreversible neurological damage.

Iubesc toate animalele, însă nu-mi pot ascunde slăbiciunea pentru pisici. este un proiect de suflet pe care vreau să împart experientele mele cu alți iubitori de feline. Nu sunt medic veterinar, așadar, articolele mele nu reprezintă un punct de vedere specializat.

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  1. I have 3 kittens and I can't give them a solution because they play with each other and I'm afraid they won't lick each other. What else could I do?

    • The solution is quite volatile (Stronghold) and I think after a few hours it is no longer a problem if they lick. I guess that it doesn't taste too good either, insist a lot with the tongue on that place.
      A solution would be to separate them for a few hours or go with them to the vet for deworming.


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