Catnip - What is it and the effects of the grass on cats

In a previous article I talked about poisonous plants / toxic to cats. However, there is one plant that cats love. Catnip is a grass adored by cats.

Popularly known as “Mata's grass“, Handcuffed, is a plant that originates in Europe and Asia, and its effect on cats is similar to that created by a drug. Cats will sniff it, and that will induce it well-being and relaxation. They start meowing, rolling around next to her, running around the house like crazy and even chewing on her, although the action of the plant on them is olfactory (smell).

Related to mint, "Mâței Herb" has a light lemon and mint smell, and the essential oil nepetalacton, is the element adored by cats. It is assumed that this substance mimics the hormones of happiness of the cat and stimulates needy centers in the brain that react to these hormones. Researchers compare "Mâței Grass" with the effects of marijuana for humans, but without addiction or danger of overdose.

Most adult felines are affected by cat grass, with one exception puppies less than eight weeks old. Big cats such as lions, tigers, leopards and others are no exception.
The effect it lasts between 5-10 minutes and can be repeated after about two hours.
After consumption, the feline will not show any negative effects. There are no cases of overdose, addiction, vomiting or hangover.

Catnip - What is it and the effects of the grass on cats
What it is and the effects of grass on cats

Not all cats are sensitive to this herb. If your cat has no reaction, it means that he is in the 20-30% of cats that are immune to the olfactory cues of peppermint.

industry of toys and accessories for cats, they speculated well on the effect of this substance and thus appeared cat toys with "Cat Grass". Owners can also positively exploit this weakness of cats. I can sprinkle dry catnip on the sisal or on the special place where the cats sharpen their claws. You are more likely to forget about the sofa, the corner of the bed or other pieces of furniture to sharpen their claws on.

Catusnica (Mâței Grass) can be grown in pots, and its leaves can be stored without problems in the freezer, keeping them fresh all year round. Do not expose the plant or leaves to the sun. Nepelactone is a substance sensitive to UV radiation.

The active substance in this plant has been shown to be more effective in removing mosquitoes and cockroaches than other products.

Cattle grass can also be used by humans. It can give a sedative effect or a euphoric state. The plant has been used to treat headaches, insomnia, upset stomach, cough, or applying its leaves over cuts and wounds. As with cats, the plant is not recommended for pregnant women.

Iubesc toate animalele, însă nu-mi pot ascunde slăbiciunea pentru pisici. este un proiect de suflet pe care vreau să împart experientele mele cu alți iubitori de feline. Nu sunt medic veterinar, așadar, articolele mele nu reprezintă un punct de vedere specializat.

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