Can cats eat dog food? See recommendations.

If Rex can eat something like that, surely Tom can, right? The cat just won't start barking after eating dog food. That's on the minds of many pet owners, especially those who have dogs and cats. The truth is that cats can eat dog food, but only in exceptional cases and not in the long term.

The truth is, cats around the block eat just about anything they can get their hands on, from food scraps thrown in the trash to mice and small birds. It is equally true, however, that the life expectancy is much lower in cats that do not have a controlled diet.

Going back to what could happen if the cat ate dog food, it all depends on the frequency and amount. If the cat happens to eat the dog's food once, there is no cause for concern. However, it is not at all advisable for cats to eat dog food.

Can cats eat dog food? See recommendations.

Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs and their diets are specifically formulated to meet those needs. Dog food may contain lower levels of protein and fat than cats need and may lack certain nutrients essential to their health. Cats are carnivores, which means they need a diet rich in meat protein to survive.

Can cats eat dog food? See recommendations.
Can cats eat dog food?

Cats also require a adequate intake of taurine, an essential amino acid for the health of their eyes and heart, which is often supplemented in specific cat food. Dog food may not contain enough taurine to meet the needs of cats. So if a cat regularly eats dog food, it can develop nutritional deficiencies that can lead to health problems, such as kidney problems, heart or view.

Bottom line, if you don't have specially formulated cat food on hand, it is better not to give them dog food as an alternative long-term solution. Instead, try to buy or cook the appropriate cat food, which meet their specific nutritional needs.

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