Taking the cat for a walk during the COVID restrictions

State of emergency imposed throughout the country for preventing the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, implies the limitation among others and a the right to travel of persons, with certain exceptions. One of the exceptions is walking the pet near the house. So, many people thought it was a good opportunity to take the cat for a walk.

Many people have taken to walking their pets during periods of self-isolation at home, looking for a break and a little freedom outside the home. Although this may seem funny or unusual, it is important to keep in mind that following the restrictions and rules imposed during periods of isolation is essential to protect our health and those around us.

Walking pets in permitted areas and following social distancing and hygiene measures are important to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect ourselves and the community. In addition, during walks, it is important to be responsible and not disturb the environment or disturb other people.

Ultimately, we must understand that these isolation and restriction measures are being implemented to protect public health and limit the spread of the virus. Even though moments of fun can occur in such situations, it is important to be aware of the impact of our actions on others and to act responsibly during the pandemic.

Taking the cat for a walk during the COVID restrictions

1. A young man was stopped by the police four blocks away from his house, and when he was asked about the purpose of the trip, he "presented" to the police a small fish in a bag of water. The young man made a complaint against the policeman who fined him, saying that the military ordinance does not specify what kind of pets can be taken for a walk during the state of emergency.

2. A 50-year-old man was found by the police in a park, 30 km away from home, with a cat in a bag. He explained to the police that his cat prefers to be walked only in this park. The man was fined.

With the cat for a walk
With the cat for a walk

3. Also with a cat in a bag was also found a young woman walking to the mall on the other side of the city. She told the police that "the military order does not cover all the needs of the people" and goes to look for some new clothes, and the cat in the bag is the "insurance policy" for the trip. The woman was fined and turned off the road.

4. A man from Iasi (Romania) solved two things with one fire. He also had living proof that he was walking the animal and managed to get a means of transport as well.

There have been many similar cases to the above, and I'm sure you've come across at least a few on social media. However, some went beyond all limits and went out on a leash with stuffed cats and puppies.

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