How to raise a happy kitten. 10 very useful tips

10 very useful tips on how to raise a happy and loving kitten. It is good to take these tips into account from the first day of the kitten's life and until it reaches old age.

Learning how to raise a happy kitten is an art. These little fluffy companions bring joy and love to our lives, and our guide will reveal the most useful tips to ensure they get off to a great start and a life full of happiness.

10 Very Helpful Tips on How to Raise a Happy Kitten.

1. Don't use your hands when playing with the kitten.

Always use a "rod", balls or other cat toys. Never use your hands when playing with the kitten. Playing kitten is nothing more than predator training, and your hand will be seen as prey that is only good for biting and scratching. If when they are small they cannot leave you with serious injuries, otherwise things will be when the kitten grows up and has well developed muscles, claws and teeth.

2. Pet the kitten when you hold it in your arms.

Get your kitten used to being petted when you hold it in your arms. Use gentle touches as you stroke his tummy, head, paws and especially under his chin. This way you will have a cat that is easy to handle when you need to trim its nails or give it medicine.

3. Hold the kitten as often as possible.

Affection is very important to raising a happy kitten. Even if the kitten was born in the house and is used to the presence of humans, the longer it is held, the more it will gain confidence and will not be shy anymore. You will get a loving cat who will sit and pet her.

4. Don't let the kitten jump out of your arms.

Even though cats always fall on their feet and a jump of 1 meter or so is not a problem, this applies to mature cats. Let the kitten down gently and do not let it jump out of your arms. For a small cat, that distance is very long, and the landing could injure its muzzle or legs. At the same time, the next time he is held in his arms, he will not be as excited. He will know that he is about to be dropped from a height and will experience physical discomfort.

5. Speak softly to the kitten.

The cat's ears are very sensitive, which is why they get scared very quickly by loud sounds. If you have children, it will be a little difficult to explain to them that their squeals of delight will scare the cat. A kitten should be spoken to softly, gently, without high-pitched sounds. He may feel threatened or in danger if he hears screams.

6. Leave the music or TV on when you are not at home.

When you are away from home, cats will feel lonely. By leaving music on a stereo or TV, the shy kitten will get used to more human voices. Besides, the time he is alone will go by faster for him.

7. Do not give the cat toys that can injure him.

Little kittens are very playful and will not hesitate to do this even when you are not around them. Do not give the kitten toys like "rods" with string or other types of toys with which it can strangle or injure itself. At night and when you are away from home, it is recommended that these toys be taken away.

8. Trim your kitten's claws frequently.

It is recommended that the cat's claws be trimmed once every two weeks. Trim its claws when the cat is tired or asleep. He will be much more cooperative. It is not recommended to do this when interrupting him from playing or eating. For nail trimming, find special pliers, and the vet will show you how to do this operation correctly, without hurting the cat.

9. Brush your kitten frequently.

Brushing is also a form of pampering for the kitten, especially if it has long hair. The kitten will feel clean, which is very important for him, and in the house you will have less hair on the sofa. In the trade there is a wide range of special brushes and gloves for cats.

10. Give your cat unconditional love and affection.

Love and affection are definitely the most important for a cat to feel safe and to be perfectly adjusted in a family. Give her time, attention, and gently try to correct her inappropriate behavior.

Bringing a kitten into your family can bring many joys, and now you have the tools to create a wonderful life for them. With love, patience, and guidance, you can raise a happy kitten that will fill your days with pure happiness and unconditional affection.

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