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Why the cat was shaking – Causes and Remedies

Tremor is a natural reaction of the body to various factors and in certain scenarios. Represents an approximately rhythmic oscillation of the muscles, most often in order to raise body temperature.

Just like people, pets also have tremors. Cats are no exception.
A cat can tremble for many reasons, and when we notice that our cat begins to tremble for no obvious reason, we must closely monitor it and start investigations with the veterinarian.

Causes from which the cat begins to tremble

There will be no reason to panic though the cat begins to tremble after we bathe him. Even if the house has an ambient temperature at which we, people, we would feel good after we get out of the shower, cats are more sensitive, especially when they have wet fur and skin. The cat's temperature is with one – two degrees higher than humans, and this accumulated with the impossibility of self-regulating temperature by sweating or taking some clothes off, will begin to tremble. In this scenario, trembling occurs as an involuntary reaction of the body in an attempt to raise body temperature.
Heat the cat with a blanket or take it to a warm place in the house.
You will also notice that the cat will start to tremble even after it is cut. Losing a few inches of fur, the cat's skin will no longer be able to maintain its optimum temperature cooler days in summer or then when the air conditioning is turned on in the house.

Temperature (fever)
it is another cause of which the cat may tremble. In this case, you must immediately go with her to the veterinarian to find the place of infection and administer appropriate treatment..
It could be a simple flu, cold or more complex complications. Infections of internal organs which can endanger his life. The most common is ovarian infection or tumors in cats that are not neutered.

Stress / Fear
As curious as they are, that's how they are nervously timid and stressed when they are taken out of their environment. It is enough to go out with the cat on the door of the house and it will start shaking from all joints.
We must try as much as possible to get the cat out of the stressful situation. Caressing and speaking in a gentle tone can help a lot to calm the cat.

Cats can start to tremble when they have a painful experience. From a more serious injury whose consequence is acute pain and to internal conditions that cause pain.
In this scenario, an emergency visit to the veterinarian is recommended.

This is a common cause that can cause tremors and even fainting, in both humans and cats.
Especially in diabetic cats, hypoglycemic crises can occur, which are manifested by severe tremor. In this case it is recommended to immediately feed the cat to them blood sugar rule.

Neurological problems
Most of the time there is no treatment to get the cat to get rid of the tremor caused by neurological problems. But there are remedies, but they can only be applied after careful specialized examinations.

States of agitation or joy are not excluded from the list of causes of tremor. These can cause the cat to tremble for short periods of time.


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